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Marathon Asset and Fund Management

Your partner in building enduring wealth

Marathon Asset and Fund Management LTD is duly regulated and registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to provide a wide array of investment advisory and fund management services to retail and institutional customers.

Investment Management Advisory
We offer investment management services to retail clients through mutual funds management and non-discretionary portfolio management. The Company will also offer portfolio construction and trade advisory services to its clients.
Institutional Fund Management
We support corporate clients with treasury management, cash-pooling advisory, gratuity funds management and other types of fund management services.

Asset Financing
We assist clients with the financing of asset acquisition as well as provision of ancillary services such as asset tracking. Other services to be offered under this business line include factoring, receivables/inventory financing etc.
Wealth Management
We support high net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individual clients with preserving their wealth. The scope of Marathon’s service will include financial planning, offshore investments and lifestyle management services.

Marathon Capital Market

Broker/Dealer and Investment Advisory

Brokerage/Dealing Services

We provide equities and fixed income brokerage services to retail and institutional clientele

Trade Execution on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange

Investment and Advisory Services:

Goal-Based Wealth Planning - Defining our clients' life goals and developing a personalized wealth strategy

Investment advice - Professional advice to help our clients navigate through the most challenging market cycles

Marathon Energy Technologies

  • Provide Energy solutions to all renewable sources of energy
  • Independent marketer for sale of various petroleum products
  • Domestic and international procurement of materials for power, oil and gas, industrial and technology sectors to reduce company’s purchasing base and deliver additional annual savings
  • Project advisory for power, oil and gas sector

Marathon Business Ventures

Business Development Services and Business Strategy Advisory

Business Development Services

We provide ideas, initiatives and activities aimed towards optimizing a company’s potential by increasing revenues, growth in terms of business expansion, and increasing profitability.

Business Strategy Advisory

Our services include Business Strategy Advisory in the areas of:

Sales and Marketing

Strategic initiatives and/or partnerships

Project Management/Business Planning

Product and Vendor Management

Negotiation and Networking

Real Estate and Property development